12 kinds of wood used for furnitures

There are many types of wood used in making furniture. All traders claim to sell furniture pieces made from solid wood. It can be a bit confusing knowing which solid wood is best for your furniture due to the difference in price and quality. Today, we shall examine the woods used in making furniture. The woods will be classified based on price. The advantages and disadvantages of using each type of wood will also be discussed.



Teak is a hardwood dubbed the king of woods because of its durability in indoor and outdoor pieces, natural beauty, and resistance to water. This wood comes in different shades of brown. They are used in the manufacturing of indoor and outdoor such as chairs, tables, and beds.


  • They make beautiful pieces
  • They are strong and durable
  • They are resistant to insect damage
  • They are water-resistant


  • They are expensive
  • They are difficult to identify
  • They make carpentry tools blunt


Mahogany is dubbed the diamond of woods for its value and its desirability in making furniture. This beautiful reddish-brown hardwood is used in all types of furniture, ranging from chairs to dining sets and dressers.


  • They are durable
  • They make attractive furniture
  • They are easy to work with
  • They are water and rot-resistant
  • They hold paints and polish pretty well
  • They are not affected by weather changes


  • They are difficult to find due to the high demand
  • They are heavy
  • They darken over time
  • They are difficult to identify, increasing the risk of buying fake


Cherry is hardwood with straight grains. The hardwood comes in various shades ranging from blond to reddish-brown. It is a popular choice in making curved designs. Its common uses include flooring, chairs, tables, and kitchen accessories such as wooden spatula.


  • They have a smooth texture
  • They are durable
  • They have strong and resistant to shock
  • They are flexible and easy to carve


  • They are expensive
  • They do not do well in direct sunlight
  • They are not immune to water damage


Walnut wood is also referred to as Juglans by furniture experts. It is a hardwood used in making wooden furniture such as chairs, sofas, antique-style, and dining furniture. Walnut is a popular choice due to its texture and color. Walnut colors range from dark brown, which is the center of the tree, to yellow, which is the outer part of the tree. MEO Customize is focusing on the high quality customization, this is one of our mostly using wood .


  • They are strong wood and durable
  • They can be carved
  • They make beautiful furniture
  • They can easily be dyed to give lovely patterns


  • They are costly
  • They are one of the heaviest wood
  • They get easily discolored on exposure to iron
  • They are not conducive for outdoor use as they are not resistant to moisture and weather



The Oakwood is a strong hardwood preferred in making log-like pieces of furniture. The wood range from gray to brownish hue depending on the species. They are used for rustic indoor and outdoor furniture such as chairs and tables, paneling, and beams for storage.


  • They are durable
  • They are weather resistant
  • They are readily available
  • They can be made into different shapes
  • They have a clear and smooth finish


  • They are heavy
  • They are not resistant to cracking and shrinking if not properly cared for
  • They do not do well with staining


Bamboo wood is a light brown softwood with low weight and good compressive strength. Bamboo wood is used in making mirror frames, beds, chairs, blinds, and tables. The wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture, and they look stunning.


  • They are resistant to changes due to high temperature
  • They make stunning furniture pieces
  • They are eco-friendly
  • They are resistant to moisture if well treated
  • They are strong


  • They are susceptible to worm infestation if not properly treated
  • They shrink more than other types of wood with water loss


Birch is a popular hardwood choice among furniture makers for its easy-to-process and glue characteristics. Birch has a color spectrum of reddish to a yellowish hue, although birch darkens quite rapidly with age. They are a popular choice in making all types of furniture, packaging of food boxed and barrels.


  • They are affordable
  • They are elastic
  • They are rot and decay-resistant
  • They do well with staining and polishing
  • They are low weight.


  • They crack easily, especially in dry climes
  • They are prone to wear.


Maple wood is one of the hardest wood used in furniture making. This wood comes in bright colors such as an almost brilliant white, light-brown, or a light reddish-gray hue. The color of the wood depends on the species used. They are a popular choice for dressers, interior designs and flooring, stairs, and kitchen cabinets.


  • They are durable
  • They are affordable
  • They can be stained to different colors to mimic other pricier woods
  • They are resistant to scratch
  • They are easy to process and gives a uniform and smooth finish


  • They tend to crack over time
  • They are not an eco-friendly choice because it takes a long time for them to grow
  • They are not ideal for outdoor furniture; they are not weather resistant



Pinewood is a softwood often used in the construction of various types of furniture. Furniture from pinewood is quite common due to its inexpensive nature. Finished Pinewood furniture has a brilliant whitish or yellowish hue with dark brown knots. This wood is a staple in making farmhouse and rustic pieces, decks, and patios.


  • They are affordable
  • They hold paints well
  • They are resistant to rot and decay with the proper treatment
  • They are naturally beautiful
  • They are perfect for flooring of high traffic areas
  • They are long-lasting


  • They are susceptible to scratch and dents since it is a softwood
  • They require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent dents and scratches


 Plywood is an engineered wood made from a variety of wood sources. They can be softwood or hardwood, depending on the woods it is made of. The use of plywood depends on if they are from hardwood or softwood. Hardwood plywoods are used in making solid furniture, flooring, and decking, while softwood plywood is used in headboards,  paper, and fiberboards.


  • They are readily available
  • They are cheap
  • They can be stained or painted easily
  • They are easy to work with


  • The manufacturer’s claim in thickness of components isn’t always true
  • Their edges are difficult to finish often requiring a veneer
  • They cannot be used for high traffic areas or furniture
  • They have a high chance of damage.


Rubberwood is one of the most affordable wood options used in making furniture. The wood is not rubbery in texture as you might think; it is solid wood used in making different beautiful pieces of furniture such as chairs and tables. Also, rubberwood can be used to produce particleboard and fiberboard.


  • They are cheap
  • They are durable
  • They do not shrink or crack over time
  • They stain well


  • Poor for outdoor furniture
  • Can trigger an allergic reaction in people allergic to latex
  • They are susceptible to decay and insect attack


Chinese fir wood is native to China, where it gets its name from. This species of wood is resistant to fungi growth and makes pretty durable furniture for its affordable price. They are used in making all sorts of furniture, home decoration, and storage cabinets.


  • Furniture made from them are light
  • They do not crack over time
  • They have a pleasant natural aroma
  • They are environmental friendly


  • They are prone to insect attack and rot
  • They are not ideal for outdoor furniture in open spaces
  • They tend to shrink with time
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