Can’t you find the furniture for the area you want to display ?

After you open the cartons you found there was damage on the corner of table ?

Packaging is very important !Especially for the custom hotel furniture

When it comes to custom furniture, there isn’t a standard size or dimensions; it all comes down to the requirements of the clients. Since the size of the custom furniture isn’t fixed, it’s impossible to standardize the packing. That’s precisely why custom furniture needs special treatment. In this article, we are going to share some important tips for packaging of custom hotel furniture.

Tips for Packaging Custom Hotel Furniture:

1.Shipping Mark

Shipping mark is a kind of label on the packaging used for identifying the goods from out of carton. It usually contains commodity name product detail ,packed quantity inside and so on. Here are the important things that should be mentioned on the shipping marks used for packaged custom furniture:

1.1 Exporter Company Details

The package should clearly mention the exporter’s company details to differentiate the package. Mentioning the company name will make it easy for the customer to contact the supplier in case they need any guidance about the product or in case of any problem.

1.2 Type of Product

The label should clearly describe and mention the commodity inside a package. Information such as details on handling the product, whether it’s fragile or not, and how to handle it should also be mentioned. All of this helps ensure that packaged custom furniture is safe while it’s being transported.

1.3 Clear Photo of the Contents

Putting a clear photo of a package’s contents on the label can help people identify the entire package more easily.

1.4 Location

In the hotel project , there are many rooms and sometimes during these rooms the style is different . so the clear display area for the packed furniture in the packaging is very important for the workers .it can tell them easily where this package should be delivered and installed .

1.5 Quantity of the Product

The quantity of the product should also be clearly mentioned on the label. This can be required by customs depending on the destination country.

1.6 Details of  Product and Carton

The size of the product and the packaging carton should be mentioned clearly. This type of information facilitates people who handle packaged goods during transportation.

1.7 Country of Origin

The label should also carry the origin of the product. This means that the country where the contents of the package were manufactured should be clearly mentioned on the package, i.e., Made in China. Most of countries require this information at the customs clearing stage.

1.8  Fragile logo

We have some material like glass , crystal or something easily to be broken,then the fragile logo is must be showed clearly on the shipping mark to avoid the damaging during the labor transportation in the site or the port .

Here is the shipping mark sample from MEO customize for the custom hotel furniture.

2. Packing Material:

While transporting any item, the packing material is of utmost importance. It ensures that your packed furniture is safe throughout its journey. There are many factors that must be taken care of while selecting packing materials. Packing material should be such that it does not increase the weight and volume of the products unnecessarily. It should also protect fragile items. There are 4 types of packing materials that you should be familiar with when packing custom furniture.

2.1 Pallets

A pallet is a portable, rigid platform that provides a flat, elevated surface to place your packages on. Different types of pallets are used to pile up, store, assemble, and transport goods. They protect the product from impact and provide stability. Pallets also make it easier to lift packages with forklifts. Pallets usually required by destination customs when shipping by LLC .

2.2 Wooden Case

Wooden cartons are another type of packaging material suitable for the easy damaged and heavy products . However, they have certain disadvantages as well. A wooden case can increase the weight and volume of your packaged furniture, making transportation more costly if ship by air.

When pack by wooden case , it is better to use plywood instead of origin wood .

2.3  Paper carton

Paper carton is the most used packing method as you can see everywhere .


2.4 Flight Cases

A flight case is a sturdy, rigid trunk or enclosure designed for protecting goods in transit and storage. These are often custom-made. They can come with or without wheels and have a detachable or flip-open lid. The inside also has a foam lining to protect the product inside. Flight cases are not used too much due to the cost is high .

3. Volume Calculation

After the furniture packed , we need the datas  for shipping cost  no matter by sea or air.Volume calculation for custom furniture is tricky since you can’t rely on standard measurements. For most custom furniture, you have to calculate its volume from scratch. To avoid booking an unsuitable container , it’s a good idea to add 1-2 CBM more than your actual calculation.

Here at MEO Customize, we design and manufacture custom hotel furniture following all the best packaging practices to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience. If you still have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


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