Guangzhou Design week is the first annual international design and brands expo in China since 2006, jointly endoresed and promoted by ICSID,IFI and ICOGRADA since 2007.

With more than 11 year operating history , Guangzhou Design Week has become the most infulential and largest annual commercial activity in the Chinese design industry . On this expo , you can find the trending designs .As a professnal one-stop customization solution supplier  MEO customize attended it on time every year ,here we are going to show you around on the exhibition.

The are 3 sections for this exhibition .

The first floor is flooring products :Marbles,wooden floor

Second section is located on the second floor ,contains window & door, smart home products.

Since the epidemic situation this year, staying at home much more time than ever before. enjoy the life with beautiful furnishings is becoming more important . MEO customize has been focusing on customization for more than 10 years help you to achieve your dream home.

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