MEO is committed to preserving the art of custom upholstering and furnishing. Our award-winning artisans specialize in creating luxurious, custom-made upholstery and furniture built to your precise specifications. These are unique and timeless pieces that speak to the heart of quality.

Here are 2 cases of our customization to share with you .

1.Wooden sofa

It was made of 78 piece of oak wooden board , each piece of wood isdifferent size to make a mountain shape . It needs the excellent drawing and the cutting following the drawing . the most important thing during the installation is how to fix them well to keep the sofa with strong weight loading .

2. A goat table

The main frame is beech wood,and the table top is made of shells splicing.

All the shells are nature one , no gap splicing , smooth polishing , shining printing on the table legs. The quality you can see in the details.

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