This project is a 5-star luxury resort located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. All the soft decoration products are signed by Meo Customize.

There are five different styles of villas for an unforgettable experience. All the products are customized as per the design drawing.

After the grand opening, everyone will be ushered by a string of suspended lanterns. They will also enjoy the comfortable furniture, nice interior design, exceptional spaces, and the five signature villas in a trendy environment.



Most of the lightings for this project are brass lightings. The light fixtures selected are discreet and have low glare, ensuring they embellish the interior finishes and resort. They are complemented by the strategically placed floor lamps to emphasize the entire interior. The result is a comfortable space that feels welcoming, sophisticated, and calm. We are delighted to customize the shapes and quantities of the lamps for a great experience.



The furniture all are made of solid wood, painted by eco-friendly painting. Their design is well thought to give visitors a fantastic experience in which they can truly relax. The design further tells a story of dedication, experience, handwork, and imagination by our team.




Wall papers are made of natural leaves to create an oasis of physical and visual relaxation for everyone who steps in. The furniture further offers the room the exact measure of comfort and luxury. The result is a beautiful atmosphere that exceeds in luxury, richness, and elegance.



The private and spacious rooms are the perfect sanctuary for anyone wanting a little bit of extra opulence from their stay. They are designed and elegantly decorated in hand-made fabrics and calming tones. The result is rooms ideal for relaxation, unwinding after a busy day, and catching up on work. They are equipped with the latest conveniences. The most striking element is the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows which offer picturesque views.

Marble fountains

Our team is always ready to face up any challenge thrown at it during the project. This remarkable solid white marble fountain results from our team putting all the necessary efforts to bring out its beauty.



Newland wool was chosen as the material for the carpets. The pattons were customized according to the designer’s sketches to match the whole style of the villas. The material matched with the furniture to create an atmosphere of refinement and luxury.



Enjoy a luxurious bath in your own private in-room spa complete with a power shower and a Jacuzzi. The bathroom features a walk-in closet.

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