Furniture refers to a broad category of equipment and facilities necessary for humans to maintain a normal life, engage in production practices, and carry out social activities. Furniture also keeps developing and innovating in the footsteps of the times. Nowadays, there are many categories, different materials, complete varieties, and different uses. It is an important foundation for the establishment of working and living spaces.

Furniture is the most important and largest soft decoration in soft decoration design. Furniture includes beds, sofas, coffee tables, bookcases, dining tables, wardrobes, desks, TV cabinets, etc. All large furniture that can be moved are the daily life of our home. The soft decoration design that is also closely related to our lives is to choose furniture reasonably according to the space size, style, function, culture and other factors. According to the space soft decoration design style, there will also be requirements for the shape, color and specifications of the home.


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