Lighting is the eternal theme of design. One of an American modern architects  said: Without the function of lights, buildings lose their vitality.

The biggest advantage of light is that it is not a kind of material and it has temperature, touch, outline and color, but on the contrary, it is the most free and versatile!

As we often see in the furniture display, the light can construct emotional tension, and then the light acts as a kind of decoration. Usually a high-brightness space makes people happy and active; a low-brightness space makes people feel depressed and mysterious; a space with strong contrast between light and dark has a sense of impact; a space with weak contrast between light and darkness has a sense of comfort.

Hotel lighting:

Indoor lighting:

The reasonable design of the hotel lighting can render the hotel’s spatial atmosphere, enhance the hotel’s spatial hierarchy, enrich the space content, and at the same time highlight the hotel’s unique decorative style. It can be said that the lighting is like a wonderful musical note, which fills all the angles of the hotel, which is pleasing to the eye.

Outdoor lighting:

The outdoor lighting design of the hotel space is mainly to meet the lighting needs of the building at night and fully show the style and scenery of the hotel. Compared with indoor lighting art design, the rigid requirements of outdoor lighting art design will be higher. It is necessary to comprehensively analyze the overall style and connotation of the hotel, and make full use of the changes in light and shadow to shape the night view of the hotel. In general, when designing a hotel’s night lighting system, the designer should consider all aspects, including the distance between the hotel buildings, building materials, social and cultural background, etc., so as to further determine the actual brightness of the lighting design.

The exterior wall of the hotel will have a direct impact on the craftsmanship and quality of the lighting design. Therefore, we must carefully consider the exterior wall materials to ensure that the lighting design will not cause light source pollution and impact, and avoid negative impacts on surrounding residents. The effect and quality of the hotel’s external lighting design will directly affect the hotel’s brand image, and a series of adverse reactions may even occur if it is not handled properly.

Office lighting:

The lighting design of the office area must meet the actual needs of the office space. A reasonable lighting design is beneficial to the vision health of the office staff. Scientific light distribution can not only make the eyes healthy, but also beautify the environment, create an atmosphere, and make our office environment more comfortable.

Residential lighting:

Lighting design is an important part of home design. The atmosphere of the home can be changed through lighting and lamp modeling, reflecting the function of each space and the feelings of residents.

The lighting design differs depending on the function of the room, and the bedroom, living room, and kitchen each have their own corresponding types. Like any other part of the interior decoration, the lighting design is constantly changing. On the one hand, it is the improvement of technology. On the other hand, it stems from the taste and preferences of the homeowner that changes with the development of the times.

Commercial lighting:

The most typical example is in some commercial exhibition halls, such as galleries and museums, through the level of lighting to highlight the primary and secondary relationship of lighting.

Under uniform lighting, the center of the space is the focal point of vision. In the same way, we can use surface light, side light, and background light reasonably and skillfully to guide the visual focus and highlight the role of important items in the space.

MEO custom is aim to provide you the right and best lightings.

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