The world is fast-changing, and everything is becoming digitalized. Today, almost all home and office devices are “smart.” Surprisingly, smart furniture is a very new trend in a world of smart houses, smart cars, and so many other smart things. It involves a range of high-tech furniture specially designed to do more than just customize your home with bespoke decor. This new furniture act like devices that you can connect with your phone and control them. Some also come with cool features like voice control, Artificial intelligence controls, and many more functions.

In this article, we will explore these new types of bespoke furniture. What are they, and what are some examples that you can get for your home? Keep reading to find out more.

What exactly is smart furniture?

Smart furniture also called intelligent furniture, smart furniture refers to traditional furniture that comes with intelligent information technology abilities. At the moment, most smart furniture comes with special applications that users install on their phone that allows them to interact with the furniture. At the same time, a few furniture pieces work on their own due to the presence of intelligent materials in them.

There are different types of intelligent furniture, but most designs are specially made to solve critical problems that affect people’s mental health and physiological needs. For example, special sofas produced by universities in Germany, Sweden, and Finland can remind users about being overweight. These sofas can also welcome the user and disinfect itself if it senses a change in air quality.

Similarly, there are medical cabinets in China today that can warn pharmacists, doctors, and nurses against expired drugs. There are also unique tables for seniors that can automatically adjust their height to provide complete comfort and reduce arm fatigue. It’s a whole new world of possibilities with intelligent furniture, and interestingly, the innovation is still very much at its initial stages.

Why should you consider having smart furniture in your home?

Like with any other hi-tech device, smart furniture can be expensive. That might raise some questions in your mind as to the benefits of changing from traditional furniture to smart one. First, going smart with your furniture might be ideal for decluttering your home or office for more space. With smart furniture, you can quickly achieve the aesthetics that you want with custom bespoke furniture.  In addition to that, smart furniture comes with the following added benefits.

Modern bespoke design

One of the most significant benefits of buying smart furniture is that they come with modern designs. Since the technology is still very new, most of the designs in the market are still in vogue. You will quickly find as many of them that have beautiful colors and designs that will raise the aesthetics of your home.

Options for customization

The beauty of buying smart furniture is that they are usually available in any form you want. If you wish, you can customize the furniture to suit the shape and size you have in mind. Today, smart bespoke chairs in the market can transform into tables with a simple touch.

Easy transportation

With smart furniture, you don’t have to worry about the stress of transportation. Most designs in the market today come in parts that are arranged inboxes. That means you can easily carry the box to your home and have them installed by yourself or someone else. Since most of them do not have unnecessary parts like traditional furniture, they typically have less weight. That means you can carry them around with ease.

Long-Lasting and durable

Even though most intelligent furniture pieces are lightweight and easy to transport, they are of high quality. Smart furniture is mainly made from high-quality materials, usually resistant to water and other similar harmful materials. As a result, many of them do not wear quickly and offer even more durability compared with traditional furniture.


Unlike traditional furniture, you can use smart furniture for different things. For instance, a smart ottoman can efficiently serve three purposes. You could use it as an extra seat, or you could use it as a coffee table, and also, you could charge your phone with the intelligent ottoman. However, a regular chair’s only function is to allow you to sit and nothing more.

Factors to consider when choosing smart home furniture

Before you pick a smart home furniture piece for your home, you need to consider a few things. These factors are essential because they will guide you to invest in the right furniture that will guarantee optimal comfort and long-lasting durability.

  • Compare prices and be sure you can afford the furniture before you go for it.
  • Always prioritize comfort and functionality when choosing smart furniture. Your ideal smart furniture should offer you the best of comfort and functionality simultaneously.
  • Ensure that the furniture has some level of damage resistance and can last as long as possible.
  • Look for designs that are unique and have options that you can customize to suit your taste.

Examples of smart furniture that you can use in your home

There are so many smart furniture pieces in the market today that you can buy. As a result, it can be tricky finding the household furniture piece that you need. The first challenge is knowing what you need and then checking to see if such solutions are already available. That said, the following are a few examples of bespoke smart furniture that are amiable to you today.

  • Wireless/USB charging tables
  • Surrounding sound sofas
  • Smart kitchen cabinets
  • Sleep monitor mattresses
  • Bluetooth speaker desks
  • Automatic baby soothing cribs
  • Smart mirrors
  • Smart beds for adults


Having the correct type of furniture is an asset that can improve the appearance of your home or workplace. However, smart furniture tries to do more by providing you with comfort and aesthetics while offering practical solutions to many problems simultaneously.  For instance, smart furniture can help you boost productivity at work. In your home, smart furniture pieces can make your life easier and help you feel more connected and engaged.

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